Ok, now, i like to post a The Sims 2 trick.

This trick is build a ‘flying’ house.

This trick is easy, just follow this:

1. Be sure you have a Big Lot ( Huge Lot Reccomended )

2. Use the wall tool ( or you can use Room Tool ) to build a square.

3. Go to next story, and place floors pass at border of the wall.

4. Go to first story, and delete all the walls.

Look! It like fly right???

5. Now you can add stairs, another walls at there.

( If you like add more floors, you must add the wall first ( follow instruction 2-4 )

Bugs: If you place a fireplace, it can’t placed. ( Expert ( The cheaper fireplace, and the green one ) -> I forget the name 😛

Very sorry if my english is very very bad.