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New mods…

Ok, i uploaded all my newest mod:

Catched by Idiot:

Hasta la Vista, Mate:

F-22 Raptor TXD Skin for Kon F-22:

For the DFF, download here:

Another ( bad ) post….

Allright, i like to create the third DYOM. But, right now I write this post at my cousin netbook. I can’t create at his netbok, because the SA spec not meet his netbook.

Oya, i created my 4shared account.


Hunter Attack:

( If that link dead, just comment )



I create this DYOM, almost 13 hours.. RAHHH!!!

Download it at

( i stay not have any share account )

Hunter Attack ( Part 1 ) is released!!!!!

All,the part 1 of Hunter Attack is released!

And, I need 3 hours to create it.

Sorry for any late, because tomorow my pc has bein used by my dad.

This is some pic:

You can download it at

( maybe later i create 4shared/mediafire/rapidshare account. sorry )

Welcome Dhanny!


I am Dhanny, the dhannemon is only my nickname.

And, i a Malaysian Indonesian.

I’m a DYOM Mission creator, thanks for my cousin for taught me to create a example DYOM. And, it’s very easy to do.

I got some account, dhannemon.

All right, i need some time for create my first DYOM.

And, i need wait the elia8star warship mod.

At here:
And, sorry for my bad english. 😛

Note: I can only use my DYOM 6.1 at my SA, so sorry.