Yeah, another good post…

Here, some tricks for World in Conflict ( for Armor role )
Bots: ( America all Normal, USSR Infantry, Air, Support normal, Armor Hard )

America ( me )
3 Infantry
2 Air
1 Support
2 Armor ( 1 me )

4 Infantry
1 Air
1 Support
2 Armor

Here ya gooo:

1. First, buy fev Heavy Tanks and 1 Heavy Anti-Air and 2 Medium Anti-Air
Remember: Never buy Light or Medium Tank. It makes big casualties.
2. Use box formation, so you anti-air will attack enemy heli easier.
3. If you have enough TA points, use Daisy Cutter ( US ) or Fuel Air Bomb ( USSR ) for kill overpower units.
4. For No Hope Mod: Use SATAN or Thermo-warhead to kill anyone at the map!!!
5. 1 again, use flank tactics:


x: enemy tank ( Light or Medium, Heavy is impossi