Just some VBScript ( not a virus, but can “complicated” you friend computer ) 😀



Hot to use: Extract, run “Trap”, restart, DONE

And how to back it to normal: Run “The Bidder”, restart, DONE!

Simple, bur effective…

Special Thanks for my friend to help me make the script 🙂
His Blog, please visit it too 🙂

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry and sorry….

Ok.. very-very sorry if I VERY VERY rarely to update this goddamn blog XD
Because i extremly busy every time, every day, and every year..

Now, i started to make software with C++ ( yea, little-little you know XD ) and Visual Basic ( more easier than C++ of course)!

Just that 😛

A Good Flanking Strategy… For World in Conflict…

Yeah, another good post…

Here, some tricks for World in Conflict ( for Armor role )
Bots: ( America all Normal, USSR Infantry, Air, Support normal, Armor Hard )

America ( me )
3 Infantry
2 Air
1 Support
2 Armor ( 1 me )

4 Infantry
1 Air
1 Support
2 Armor

Here ya gooo:

1. First, buy fev Heavy Tanks and 1 Heavy Anti-Air and 2 Medium Anti-Air
Remember: Never buy Light or Medium Tank. It makes big casualties.
2. Use box formation, so you anti-air will attack enemy heli easier.
3. If you have enough TA points, use Daisy Cutter ( US ) or Fuel Air Bomb ( USSR ) for kill overpower units.
4. For No Hope Mod: Use SATAN or Thermo-warhead to kill anyone at the map!!!
5. 1 again, use flank tactics:


x: enemy tank ( Light or Medium, Heavy is impossi

Finally, Ace Combat 5 post

Sorry for long time i not post from this blog. Yea, i realy realy bad blogger.

Now, I explain about Ace Combat 5 : The Unsung War

Ace Combat 5 Box US

Squardon Character:

You play him. First, he is a “nugget”. Then, he lead Wardog Squardon ( later Razgriz ).

Note: Nugget = Rookie pilot

Kei Nagase aka Edge
The only female pilot in Wardog or Razgriz squardon. Same like Blaze, she first a nugget. Very interest in Demon of Razgriz legends.

Alvin. H. Davenport aka Chopper
A brash and talkative pilot. Killed In Action while defending an assembly of people who had gathered to hear the Vice President speak from a Yuktobanian air strike. And, he is my favourite pilot.

Hans Grimm aka Archer
A nugget unsure of his flying skill.

Jack Bartlett aka Heartbreak 1
Leader of Wardog, before Blaze. His plane bein shot down. He become Missing In Action. But, he revealed again in mission “Heartberak One”. Become first POW on the war.

Marcus Snow aka Swordsman
The pilot at OFS Kestrel. And, he only a active pilot in Kestrel. Replace Chopper at Razgriz Squardon.


The story begins with a majority of the Sand Island’s fighter pilots being killed after they were attacked without warning by a group of unidentified MiG-29 aircraft. Consequently, Blaze, Edge, and Chopper—still trainee pilots—are assigned to Wardog Squadron and placed on active duty. On its second mission, Captain Bartlett is shot down. Although Bartlett bails out, he is not found by the rescue team and so he becomes MIA. To make up for this loss, Nagase is made the new Wardog leader, but refuses and instead allows ‘Blaze’ to lead. Later, during an air-raid on Sand Island, a pilot in training, Hans Grimm, joins the squadron.
Yuktobania then declared war on Osea and subsequently launched a massive assault on Osean forces. This offense is halted in part by Wardog Squadron, which thwarted several Yuke attacks on the Osean aircraft carrier Kestrel and against Sand Island Base. As a result, Yuktobania is forced to abandon its plans to invade Osea, which allowed Osea time to prepare a counterattack.
Osea then launched a full-scale invasion of the Yuktobanian mainland, intending to capture the capital city of Cinigrad. Throughout the course of the counter-offensive, Wardog Squadron was assigned to fly support missions for the Osean invasion force. As every mission that Wardog Squadron is a part of somehow turns out to be a victory, the reputation of the squadron increases to the point that their very presence increases the morale of allies while simultaneously terrorizing enemy forces; this, and also in part due to a successful mission executed by Wardog in the northern sea, earns them the nickname “Demons of Razgriz.” Despite this, the top Osean military commanders continue to distrust Wardog Squadron because of their lingering suspicions of former squadron leader Captain Bartlett.
Now Wardog is charged with attacking civilians during a mission and goes to alternate story lines decided by a flip of a coin. In one during one of Wardog’s final missions, Chopper is killed in action while defending an assembly of people who had gathered to hear the Vice President speak from a Yuktobanian air strike. In the after mission video Chopper is honered with the missing man formation. Soon afterward, as the Osean army nears Cinigrad, Wardog is ambushed by the supposedly allied 8492nd when they were returning home from a mission. It is later learned that the 8492nd is part of a secret Belkan confederacy known as the “Grey Men.” This organization seeks vengeance against both Osea and Yuktobania for their role in Belka’s defeat in a different war fifteen years prior. The “Grey Men” instigated this new war by posing as either a Yuktobanian or Osean squadron and attacking the other. They were now using the war to exact their revenge against the two superpowers,[17][18] as a war would drain the resources of both countries, while at the same time, Belka profited by selling weapons produced in its own factories to both countries. Over the course of the game, the 8492nd had orchestrated many events that led to the war’s escalation and longevity.
After escaping the 8492nd Squadron, Wardog returned to Sand Island, only to see the base commander—already suspicious of Bartlett—accuse Pops, the squadron mechanic, of being a spy.[19] Wardog Squadron was forced to flee Sand Island with Pops and Genette, but were branded traitors as a result. Captain Snow of the Kestrel, the only fighter pilot left on the carrier, staged the deaths of the members of Wardog Squadron, who then found refuge aboard the ship. At this point Captain Snow joins Wardog Squadron, with Pops filling a support role from the Kestrel.
It is then learned that although the citizens of Osea and Yuktobania are opposed to the war,[16] militaristic leaders and officers have seized control of both superpowers’ governments with the help of the “Grey Men”. Osean President Vincent Harling and Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor, who had had peaceful stances with regard to their countries’ relationship, were removed from power in coup d’états early in the war.[20][21] Captain Andersen had learned that in Osea, the abduction of President Harling had been precipitated by the Belkan “Grey Men.” Wardog Squadron and a Marine unit recover Harling from Belkan territory and offer him refuge aboard the Kestrel. He agrees, and he also designates the squadron as a special forces unit under his command; the unofficial unit is renamed “Razgriz Squadron.”
Shortly after, it is discovered that the “Grey Men” have acquired a stockpile of nuclear weapons which they plan to use against Osea and Yuktobania. Razgriz is sent to locate and incapacitate these weapons. They are aided in their task by an anonymous source from deep within Yuktobania, which eventually reveals itself to be an anti-war resistance organization led by Jack Bartlett. Bartlett had become the first POW of the war, but he had escaped.
The resistance group located and rescued Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor; once he was flown to Kestrel, he stood alongside President Harling and, through TV and radio, revealed the Belkan deception to the world and called upon all soldiers to cease hostilities. However, the resistance also obtained evidence that the “Grey Men” developed a weapon of mass destruction known as “V2,” a MIRV missile capable of destroying many of the major cities in either Osea or Yuktobania.[22] Joined by a coalition of soldiers and pilots from both Osea and Yuktobania who heard Harling’s and Nikanor’s combined speech, Razgriz Squadron goes off on one last mission to destroy this weapon. Even an ISAF unit from Ace Combat 04, led by an AWACS codenamed “Sky Eye” aids in the fight.
While both factions think the war has ended, the Belkans tried one last desperation move. They directed the space station “SOLG” to come out of its orbit and come back to Earth—in the middle of the Osean capital of Oured. However, after its arrival in lower atmosphere, the station’s core structures were destroyed by the Razgriz, and the station was stopped before it could hit the capital. After that, Razgriz never bein seen again.

And, this my favourite list in AC5:

Pilot: Chopper
Plane: F-14A Tomcat with SAAMs
Song: Journey Home, The Unsung War
Mission: Aces or Mission 27
AWACS: Oka Nieba
Squardon: Off course Razgriz

Hah, the Bad Blogger rise again….

Ok, sorry for long time ( again ) to update this blog. Because, now I internet at my cousin house, and, Internet here using super-duper-slooow Internet ( Using Dial-Up, speed only 26 kbps, using 1.4 GHz CPU speed computer ,and only 256 have RAM, using very old VGA ( GeForce MX 440 ). WTF??? )

And, now I have list of “Must Have Total Conversions Mod”. Creating by me. I tested it’s all. And, i give it rate too.

Here ya goooo:

GTA San Andreas=

Rate: **
If you interested, see here.

Rate: *****
If you interested, see here.

GTA SA-Handcock
Rate: ****
If you interested, see here.


Not all mod is here. Because I have limited space to save the mod. And, I tired to test too much mods.

C&C Generals: Zero Hour=

C&C Generals: Zero Hour A Global Crisis ( NCW-TFD )
Rate: ***** + ***** ( Super-Duper Awesome Mod!! )
This is my favorite mod. And, I very often to play this.
If you interested, see here.

C&C Generals: Zero Hour Cold War Crisis ( CW-TFD )
Rate: ***** + ****
Same like AGC, this mod is my favorite. If you interested, see here.

C&C Generals: Zero Hour European Conflict ( NCW-TFD )
Rate: *****
If you interested, see here.

World in Conflict=

World in Conflict: Modern Warfare
Rate: ***** + *****
Verrrryyyyyyy good mod I bein found.
If you interested, see here.


A Global Crisis

Cold War Crisis

WiC: Modern Warfare

Note for Zero Hour:

NCW-TFD : Non Compactible with The First Decade series. ( Only can play at normal Zero Hour)

CW-TFD : Compactible with The First Decade series.

Only that.


sorry all, the previous post is error.

ok, here some fun flash game:

Pack For Holidays, The Successful Experiment

At here ( 4.5 MB )

Now, i like turn my laptop, then the AC, and play Zero Hour again. 😛

Another post… :)